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C O N C E P T .


We don't just look at beautiful lines, textures and colours, we dig deep to extract the essence of your brand's DNA and get to know you. We also look at social, cultural and sector trends for a holistic approach. Only then can concepts that really translate what your brand stand for come to life.

And when you pair this with the most innovative techniques such as 'needle punching', 'compression' and 'bonding' which we have developed in collaboration with some of the best specialist manufacturers, you are certain to have beautiful and relevant concepts.


D E S I G N .


We take the research and concept and develop it into a beautiful, well thought through, clever and cohesive collection/garment/range, including production-ready detailed technical drawings. 


P R O D U C T I O N .


From sourcing and product development to pattern cutting and sampling our global team can ensure your end product is of the highest quality possible within the price point restraints of the product.


B R A N D / B R A N D I N G . 


We immerse ourselves in your brand to fully grasp your challenges and provide consultancy that is single minded to your purpose.


L O G I S T I C S .


Alongside our West London Partners, We can organise shipping from manufacturer to your customers doors and anything in between, we can take care of your products journey. 

  • Warehousing and Storage - Our partners will keep your stock safe and organised.

  • Retail - Delivering bulk orders to wholesalers and retailers.

  • E-Commerce Fulfilment - Receiving your web orders and delivering them to your customers door.

  • Pick and Pack - Picking and packing of your sold items ready for despatch.

  • Freight Forwarding and Courier - Importing and exporting your products around the world.


D I S T R I B U T O N .

Alongside our London based global fashion distribution agency. We use our expertise, well cultivated industry relationships and UK & international networks to initiate and sustain wholesale and retail solutions that maximise our clients' long term brand values and commercial interests.

With strategic alliance, we work collectively with clients to establish a creative brand identity, seeking to drive global awareness and, as a result, sales.